Saturday, July 23, 2011

...Coming Soon from Blood Bound Books...

A double feature of unimaginable horrors!
SCARECROW - It’s holiday weekend in the English Fens, the long weekend. The Gypsies are passing through and setting up camp in the nearby fields. Madge can’t understand all the fuss, can’t understand that gypsies are their own kind of people; people are just people. But Madge and her husband, Bernie, are about to learn something about people when they meet the Mulrones, and if they aren’t careful, it just might become the longest weekend of their lives.


All Tony wanted was to get out of Colorado, or even  just to his house, before the storm hit. All Dan wanted was to quiet that little tickle in the back of his brain—the one he couldn’t quite itch without the help of a bottle—and keep things the way they were with his family. But when the biggest snow storm since the blizzard of 2003 brings these men together, nobody’s going to get what they want. And before the storm blows over, both men will be in a struggle for their lives, and sanity. Who will survive THE MADNESS?


  1. Hey, that book looks cool. Might have to get a copy of that.


    Thank you so much for posting this.

  2. Blood Bound announced SCARECROW/THE MADNESS will be available for purchase in September. Awesome news for horror fans.