Friday, December 9, 2011


At the End of All Things on sale now!

Blood Bound Books has informed me that At the End of All Things is available for purchase just in time for Christmas!  What better gift than fiction about wholesale slaughter, deviant sex, demons, and zombies?!

 “Stony Graves has created an apocalyptic masterpiece, breathing life into
characters and horrors on par with King’s The Stand.” - Charolette Nevers,
author of The Craving

When asked what At the End of All Things is about, I like to answer with: A sweet horror story about zombies, demons, prison rape, and puppies.

A better description is:

A plague of the undead have risen to make way for the Apocalypse, the
horsemen are drawing nearer, and those left behind after the rapture are
struggling to find their place in this new and savage world.
The survivors, relying on dreams, intuition and in some cases, even the
dead, find themselves being drawn to Blue Church, Ohio, where no doubt,
something monumental is about to happen. At the end of all things, will
God forsake humanity, can evil triumph, and will anyone even be left alive
to tell the tale.


  1. Who knows. I'm starting to feel like the neglected stepchild at BBB... :)

  2. Please continue to write. I just read this book and left a review on amazon. It was a spectacular book. The use of zombies as locust, the story in general. I have to say its hard for other books to compare. I'm continually looking for end times or zombie or dystopian books and your created a new threshold of what I want to read. Write a sequel. What happened did Ace grow up? Did the meteor hit? It was so good. Thank you reminds me of my favorite horror authors and books. Swan song, the stand, needful things and black rain Bentley little, Stephen king and Robert Mccammon